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Treatment for ADHD & ADD

Are you tired of time-consuming modalities trying to be treatment for your ADD/ADHD but delivering few results?

Are you suffering from the side effects of prescription medications?  Are you hesitant to put your child on unknown prescription medication for treatment of ADHD or ADD?

Has ADHD & ADD held you or your loved one back from expressing their best self at school or in the work place?

Immediate and lasting shifts in the symptoms of ADD & ADHD are very real.  LANC’s direct neurofeedback has proven for almost a decade to be a solution when everything else falls short.

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LANC ‘s Purpose

At Los Angeles Neurofeedback Center, instead of taking the “one size fits all” approach, we organically address the specific issue that you or your child struggles with in daily tasks (such as distractibility, impulse control, organization difficulty, ability to complete tasks, and the ability to sit through classes or meetings.)

Our Neurocoaches are skillful and collaborative (link to testimonial page with Susanne Tarleton Sucher review).   We hear your needs and customize the process to enduring results.

Improving you or your loved one’s quality of life is not only possible, it is our purpose.

ADD Help & Peak Performance

“LANC is fantastic. Their rates are lower than other direct neurofeedback providers and they have office space in the South Bay.”

– Julie M., Mother of LANC Client

ADD Help using Direct Neurofeedback

Comparing LANC to natural treatment for ADHD

The American Academy of Pediatrics rated neurofeedback as a Level 1 “Best Support” Intervention for ADHD.

Level 1 is the highest possible rating and at the same level as medication treatment and behavior therapy

The biggest distinction of LANC’s natural direct neurofeedback from ADHD treatments like medication treatment and behavior therapy, is LANC’s natural Direct Neurofeedback sessions are 20-30 minutes and only require the client to sit back and relax.

Contact (323) 705-3031 to Schedule an Appointment & Get Started On ADD & ADHD Help Today!

ADHD ADD Help Get Started

How Direct Neurofeedback Provides ADHD & ADD Help

LANC’s Direct Neurofeedback is a solution for those seeking ADHD treatment for children, ADHD treatment in adults, natural treatment for ADHD and anxiety, ADHD disability, and other ADD and ADHD types.

LANC’s Direct Neurofeedback is able to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD & ADD by resetting the unhealthy brain patterns that cause the symptoms.

With reset, healthy brain patterns, you or your loved one are able to function at an optimal level.

Because direct neurofeedback directly curbs distractibility, impulse control, and organization difficulty, these symptoms can stop sabotaging you or your loved one’s ability to progress in school or work.

In other words, direct neurofeedback enables stuck dysfunctional neuronal pathways to reset so that you or your child’s brain gains resiliency to better handle the stimulus surrounding it.


“My daughter has received immeasurable help from neurofeedback. She is much more calm, sleeps well at night, more focused on the tasks ahead of her, less stressed, happier, and conversations with her are cohesive vs. scattered due to her ability to stay focused.”

– C.M. Mother of LANC Patient


Direct Neurofeedback is a safe, quick, effective, and painless solution that helps to get “stuck” dysfunctional neuronal pathways back on track.

Using an FDA approved EEG (electroencephalogram) amplifier, Direct Neurofeedback reads you or your loved one’s brainwaves by five sensors: one at the base of the neck, one behind each ear, and two on the forehead.

The electrical activity of your brain is then read through software.  A customized algorithm is created just for your brain.

The software then sends a tiny, imperceptible, customized signal back to the brain, 100 times less powerful than a cellphone up to the ear.  The micro-stimulation this signal delivers allows unhealthy stuck brainwaves to reset back to their healthy state.

The most common feeling during or after a session is relaxation.

Direct Neurofeedback is so safe, clients of any age can complete a session. LANC has successfully served age ranges from newborns up to ninety-years.  We have even successfully served some of our clients’ dogs who had behavior issues due to stress.


Because of direct neurofeedback’s effectiveness, LANC offers a special first appointment rate!

In this appointment, your NeuroCoach discusses your condition, addresses your concerns, and performs your first Direct Neurofeedback session.

This initial intake session costs only $89.00 at our West LA office and $149 at our South Bay office, and is the first step towards a calmer, more effective you.

Call our 24 hour scheduling line at 323-705-3031.

With nearly a decade in the field, LANC’s purpose remains to provide relief to you and yours who seek treatment for ADHD.

Now that you know about treatment for ADHD, schedule today!


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