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The COVID-19 pandemic triggers uncertainty and uncertainty causes an anxiety feeling. We have uncertainty about the effects of the virus on our communities. We also have uncertainty about our personal lives. Anxiety feelings lead to lack of focus and, ultimately, anxiety causes depletion that can be hard to recover from. Anxiety feelings are your nervous system crying out for you do something to address them, and you can. There are many effective types of anxiety therapy. However, when we are stuck at home, what is an effective form of anxiety therapy? Many therapists are doing virtual anxiety counseling. However, if your anxiety therapy was the gym, concerts, sports events, working or gathering with others, massage/acupuncture, travel… you are really being challenged. The pandemic appears to be the perfect storm of increasing anxiety levels while also preventing most anxiety therapy.

Unhealthy Anxiety Coping Skills

Many of us are so disrupted by the pandemic, our usual anxiety coping skills seem unmanageable. We may be downward spiraling into ruminations or negative life projections. We may be overeating and becoming lethargic. We may be mourning what was taken from us. Mentally, many of us are becoming our own worst enemy. If we do have a job, we may be facing major distraction at work due to a lack of focus confined in our homes, possibly seeing anxiety in children. Yet, this adversity is an opportunity. We have the possibility to actively do what every species does in the face of adversity: adapt. In-home anxiety management is possible. Moreover, this pandemic can be a turning point for better brain wellness than you’ve experienced in years. With in-home neurofeedback, you can actually re-train your anxiety levels, making anxiety therapy a reality.

What you choose to do during this extraordinary disruption to the status quo can benefit you long-term. Or it can prolong or even increase your anxiety feelings. You can huddle in a ball of fear. You can stare at your fridge. You can breakdown in anger. Or you can look at what is at the cause of these behaviors, your brain waves, and start training them to respond differently. You can be productive with this “safer-at-home” order. In fact, you truly are safer at home when anxiety levels, overwhelm or lack of focus aren’t getting the best of you or your loved one. Now may actually be a lifetime opportunity to use this mandatory extra time to breakthrough conditioned patterns in your brain waves.

Mobile Neurofeedback AKA Myndlift

Neurofeedback is anxiety therapy but it is not talk therapy. It is different in we do not dig into the emotional root causes of the anxiety. Rather, we engage your brain’s neuroplasticity to identify your brain’s inefficient patterns. Then you use data and feedback to retrain those brainwave patterns by playing games and watching videos. Myndlift neurofeedback is a safe, evidence-based anxiety therapy which can control symptoms with little or no side effects. Many research studies have shown it to be as effective as stimulant medications in treating ADD/ADHD. The evidence-Based Benefits of Myndlift neurofeedback include:

  • Level 1 Best Support for ADHD in children, with multiple studies published proving its efficacy to improve concentration
  • Multiple studies proving efficacy for addiction, anxiety therapy, and cognitive enhancement

Here is a Youtube Myndlift video showing how the process works:

People are unique. Anxiety counseling may work for some and neurofeedback my work for others. They often work well together. The neurofeedback provides the cognitive enhancement and can improve concentration, while the anxiety counseling helps to rebuild trust. Though both are anxiety therapy, one helps you bring your best self to the table, the other helps you understand yourself.

Unlimited In-Home Anxiety Therapy

Myndlift neurofeedback is anxiety therapy you can do in-home, as much as you like, with data that can show results. We can program your Myndlift dashboard to focus on relaxation, sleep, peak performance, attention/focus, or mood enhancement. We can then monitor the sessions remotely through the internet. We can set up accounts for other family members to use the system as well. You do need a smart phone or tablet to use the Myndlift app. There is true value in having an experienced Coach monitor your progress.  Jillian creates a custom program tailored to your cognitive enhancement needs which can help you or your loved one’s brain regulate itself, simply by playing a game or watching a video. The “train your brain” training program usually lasts 30-40 sessions.

Now is the time to complete mobile neurofeedback remotely at home.  The very reason that you are suffering being confined to your home can be the reason why you will excel with Myndlift neurofeedback.  You can do it as often as you want and the more often you train your brain, the faster the results.  Multiple family members can use the same equipment. Traditionally, neurofeedback anxiety therapy required frequent visits to a clinic, making it costly and time consuming. You could easily spend $500/week.  Yet, at home you can increase your training days, bringing results quicker. To do unlimited sessions from home, monitored by an experienced specialist, is only $995 for 30 days. Equipment Rental is $95/month.  The $150 orientation and assessment fee is waived, a $150 savings thanks to Covid-19.

You can keep on worrying about the future or you can do something now. Improve your concentration and anxiety management while you have time to focus on it. Once the pandemic clears, your brain can be healthier and you can look back at this time as one where you invested in yourself and your abilities.  Start in-home anxiety therapy using Myndlift neurofeedback.

To schedule with Jillian, our Myndlift Specialist call/text 323-705-3031 or email [email protected].

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