First, check out LANC’s neurofeedback reviews on Google and Yelp. Once you have decided the neurofeedback benefits and LANC’s approach are right for you, schedule your Intro Appointment with one of our neurofeedback technicians or NeuroCoaches. This intro session is 45 minutes and includes an assessment of your symptoms and a session of direct neurofeedback. It costs $89 at our West LA and South Bay offices. Schedule online or call our 24/7 scheduling line at (323) 705-3031.

If you prefer to speak with a NeuroCoach before your session, you can schedule a Phone Consult, however the Special Rate for the Intro Appointment is the better deal. After scheduling your intro appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. Click the button at the top of the confirmation email to complete your required forms: Informed Consent Form, New Client Form, and Credit Card Authorization. A card is needed to reserve the appointment; however, your card will not be charged until after the appointment.

Because of the effectiveness of the technology, LANC offers a special first appointment rate! This initial intake session costs only $89.00 at our West LA and South Bay offices, and is the first step towards a happier, more effective you.

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Clients can often tell in the first session or two if Direct Neurofeedback will be the beneficial for them to continue. Unlike traditional neurofeedback, in which you actively regulate your brainwaves, Direct Neurofeedback is effortless. All you do is sit and relax, and your brain does the work. It is quick too, with the first appointment taking less than 45 minutes. During the neurofeedback therapy, a tiny and subtle micro signal (1/300th of that emitted by a cell phone) is delivered. This signal is imperceptible to you yet is customized to your brainwaves by the millisecond, which is what causes the brain to pick up on such an ultra-low signal. The signal that is sent to the brain is like rebooting a frozen computer so that it can return to its healthy factory settings, allowing your brain to reorganize and better regulate itself.

The majority of individuals report initial improvements in the first session. These initial improvements are temporary, lasting from a few hours to a few days. Subsequent sessions are 30 minutes long and it is recommended that a minimum of 2 sessions be completed per week, for the first 3 weeks. Sessions are then spaced out depending how long the results endure for the client. 15-25 sessions total are required on average for enduring results. For clients who are only in town for a short amount of time, sessions can be done on back-to-back days so that 20 sessions can be completed over a few weeks period. Visits are usually not required on an ongoing basis, though we recommend a tune-up every 3-9 months. Do not make changes in medications before your appointment. Medication changes need to be overseen by your physician.

"I have tried all different types of Neurofeedback over the years & must say this treatment has been by far the most effective for me."



How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neuroscientists believe that the brain’s defenses against stressors and trauma can create gridlock or “stuck” brainwave patterns. This can cause the nervous system to get stuck using these dysfunctional patterns. Direct Neurofeedback sends a customized imperceptible micro stimulation to the brain. This is helpful in relaxing the nervous system and offsetting the stuck neural pathway, which allows the brain to escape from these frozen and dysfunctional neuronal pathways. This brain is then able to reorganize and stabilize itself. Clients often feel less reactive and more resilient immediately following this reorganization.

What Happens During a Neurofeedback Session?

A typical session lasts half an hour. After taking a follow up history of events since the last session, the neurofeedback technician or NeuroCoach cleans five points on the client’s head: the base of the neck, behind the ears, and on the forehead. Small sensors are then applied using a conductive paste. The sensors connect to an EEG amplifier which reads the clients brainwaves and sends them into the NeuroCoach’s software.  The software creates a customized offset signal that is then sent back through the EEG and the sensors, directly into the client’s brain. This signal is imperceptible, yet most clients feel a conscious shift in relaxation or focus within the first session.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Neurofeedback therapy and biofeedback therapy are safe for all ages. All modalities used at LA Neurofeedback are safe, non-invasive techniques. The micro stimulation that Direct Neurofeedback’s FDA registered EEG amplifier sends to your brain is 1000 times less powerful than holding a AA battery up to your head. Myndlift does not transmit or otherwise change anything in the brain. Through the process of simply wearing the headset and playing the games the brain will teach itself to better regulate its activities.

Does DNFB Know Which Brainwaves Are Dysfunctional?

Direct Neurofeedback only effects the brainwaves that are stuck or frozen in dysfunctional patterns. Healthy brainwaves are resilient and bounce back to their healthy patterns.

How Many Sessions Do I Need Total?

On average 15-20 sessions are needed, depending on the disorder. Visits are usually not required on an ongoing basis, though we recommend a tune-up every 3-9 months, just like a visit to the dentist or check up with the doctor.

How Many Sessions Before I Notice a Difference?

You will notice changes within the first 1-3 sessions. Initially, these changes are temporary. Clients must complete 6 sessions in the first 3 weeks, to create a foundation. Clients must then complete the remaining 14-19 sessions to feel optimal. The full program is needed to make the changes long-lasting.

Does Los Angeles Neurofeedback Center Take Insurance?

We do not take insurance, nor can we provide a superbill.

Does LANC Do Neurofeedback Brain Mapping?

No. Our clients are seeking the most direct path to brain health. We find neurocognitive testing like CNSVS a cost-effective alternative to brain mapping. However, the direct neurofeedback therapy and biofeedback therapy can work regardless of investing in a visually stunning but costly brain map.

What Are Neurofeedback Costs?

Our intro session is at a special rate to make sure you are responsive to neurofeedback: $89 in West LA and $149 in South Bay. Moving forward, sessions are $275 and under, with package pricing available. Scholarship application is available. Join our mailing list for sales, specials, blogs, and events.

Are There Neurofeedback Side-Effects?

Neurofeedback is incredibly safe. Positive side-effects include calm, clarity, energy, optimism and a sense of wellbeing. These initial improvements typically last from a few minutes to a day. With additional sessions, the improvements will stay for longer and longer periods of time, until they “endure.” Overstimulation can happen in a session, and also can be mitigated with proper communication between the client and NeuroCoach. Signs of overstimulation are feeling tired, “wired,” lightheaded, slight head pressure or a headache, nausea, or a flare of current symptoms. These signs are always temporary and actually a positive sign that your brain is responding to the neuro. After the signs of overstimulation pass, relief and improvements are experienced.

What Are the Neurofeedback Benefits?

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Is Seizure Disorder a Contraindication to DNFB?

Although DNFB can be very beneficial for epilepsy clients, LANC does not see epilepsy clients. We are not prepared for a client to have a seizure. We prefer those clients to go to a MD or nurse.

Can I Do an Intensive If I Live out of Town?

Yes. For clients who are only in town for a short amount of time, sessions can be done on back-to-back days so that 20 sessions can be completed over a few weeks period.


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