Neurofeedback Therapy, or EEG biofeedback, is a non-drug therapy which belongs to a group of therapies called biofeedback (BFB). Biofeedback therapy is the umbrella term for all modalities allowing you to gain greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of the same system. Neurofeedback (NFB) uses neurofeedback devices like a neurofeedback eeg to specifically look at the nervous system, which includes the neurons of the brain. Therefore, the concept is not neurofeedback vs biofeedback. Rather, neurofeedback is a specific type of biofeedback.

NFB has been used for decades to effectively reduce the symptoms of various conditions, including ADD/ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injuries, and others. More recently, DIRECT Neurofeedback (DNFB) has been found to help the above disorders, as well as assist in immune disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain, migraines, headaches, learning disabilities, cognitive performance and optimization. DNFB can help other therapies to progress at a faster rate and can cause new neural pathways to develop faster and lessen or void the use of some medications.


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With Direct neurofeedback, the percentage of clients that receive substantial benefits is upwards of 80%. Of those, the large majority experience initial improvement in the very first session. This is because Direct NFB sends a signal directly to the brain. This signal is imperceptible – you don’t feel it, it doesn’t hurt – it allows the brain to adjust itself with no conscious effort on the client’s part. The micro signal is customized every millisecond to the client’s dominant brainwaves. Lens neurofeedback uses this same technology, however only has one sensor on the forehead, directly sending unilateral stimulation. The neurofeedback device used at LANC uses two sensors on the forehead, directly sending bilateral stimulation.

Both lens neurofeedback and direct neurofeedback differ from “traditional” neurofeedback. In traditional neurofeedback therapy, the client must use a screen to consciously motivate & teach their own brain how to adopt new brain patterns. With “traditional” nfb you exercise a brain site based on a protocol for a normed, large sample group.  With Direct nfb, the brain resets itself based on you and your body. At LANC, we have both forms of NFB: “traditional” and direct. 98% of clients choose Direct NFB for its efficiency and effectiveness.

Benefits Direct Neurofeedback

"My neurocoach was incredible in her depth of knowledge in the many modalities in the Biofeedback field. She helped me through an incredibly difficult time in my life with Direct Neurofeedback—and I am truly grateful for the kindness and professionalism."



Although the conditions DNFB helps have very different causes, there is one common denominator: the nervous system, directed by brainwaves, is stick in dysfunctional patterns.  DNFB causes a “disruption” of that pattern regardless of origin and allows the brain to either return to its functional state prior to stress or trauma.  Alternatively, DNFB can begin creating new, healthy patterns that the brain has yet to develop.  This coincides with the tremendous amount of research demonstrating “neuroplasticity.”

As sessions are short and the client only needs to sit comfortably, the applicability of direct neurofeedback therapy is broad. Beneficiaries are the military and athletes (for TBI and PTSD), schools, shelters, addiction and rehab centers, hospitals and outpatient centers, emergency rooms, and the list goes on. Here is a brief overview of Direct neurofeedback therapy’s effect on common disorders. In depth information can be found on the disorder page, by clicking the disorder name featured here:


With neuroplasticity, we know neurons can change their function, chemical profile, and structure. Consider the malleability of your neural pathways, and then consider trauma. Trauma can be anything from a concussion, to drug addiction, to something that happened in childhood you may not remember, to witnessing a car accident. Even prolonged stress is a form of trauma. What happens is either our sympathetic nervous system kicks in, triggering our fight or flight response (anxiety), or, our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, triggering our freeze response (depression).

Each time we have a response, our brain is reinforcing a neural pathway. These neural pathways can become deeply grooved, go-to-responses, contributing to the difficulty we have changing behavioral or thought patterns like addiction, anxiety, depression, over-reactivity, sleeplessness. Direct nfb’s micro stimulation signals your brain to essentially unstick itself from these rote responses and bring your nervous system back to homeostasis. We see how our can body heal itself when cut, likewise, our brain can reset itself, it often just needs a guide. Direct neurofeedback therapy is that helping hand.


Los Angeles Neurofeedback Center trains providers around the world. We also offer DNFB sessions seven days a week at our West Los Angeles office. Our South Bay satellite office sees clients on an appointment only basis and we travel to a handful of local rehab and treatment centers in the greater Los Angeles area.  All modalities used at LA Neurofeedback are safe, non-invasive techniques. The micro stimulation that our neurofeedback EEG amplifier sends to your brain is 1000 times less powerful than holding an AA battery to your head. It works because it is customized to your brainwaves. Our software is very safe and uses an FDA registered neurofeedback EEG amplifier.

The large majority of our clients experience initial improvement after the very first session. These initial improvements are temporary, lasting from a few hours to a few days. With repeat sessions, the improvements endure. An average of 20 sessions is needed. After the Direct Neurofeedback Therapy Protocol is complete, ongoing appointments are not necessary. Many do a tune-up session every 6-9 months, like visiting the dentist or doing a yearly check up with the doctor. Others choose to use HeartMath HRV biofeedback while traveling and in the comfort of their homes.

Direct Neurofeedback Therapy

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The range of conditions helped, the effectiveness of the technique, the ease and efficiency of the sessions, the lack of meaningful side effects, and the enduring nature of the improvements make BFB and Direct NFB very potent clinical modalities helping a tremendous number of people. Stop reading about neurofeedback therapy and come in to try it for yourself. Or schedule an appointment for a loved one.

Direct Neurofeedback cannot take away the challenges of life, it can build resiliency and create a better functioning brain.

The Federal Government is seeing the differences direct neurofeedback therapy can make. The US Veteran Affairs invested a large sum in the double-blind study on our EEG amplifier to be completed in 2021. With a decade in the field, Los Angeles Neurofeedback Center’s mission remains to use cutting edge technology to promote overall health, brain optimization, and build resiliency for you and those you love. Balanced brain function not only improves your life, it serves all around you.


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