You know peak performance is possible. You want a competitive advantage and have struggled to level up.  Now you or a loved one are looking at how you approach life, training, etc. and what can be done to IMPROVE that equation. If you are tired of reading the same old suggestions and want something individualized to you and your current state, you are in the right place. LANC’s peak performance clients maximize their potential in tangible ways. With competition in the workplace on the rise, being able to operate with all engines firing is vital to staying on top.

If you want to save yourself more trial and error when it comes to improving your cognitive or physical performance, Los Angeles Neurofeedback Center (LANC) offers customized packages of in-home biofeedback (BFB) and direct neurofeedback (DNFB) to holistically optimize your performance, as well as, neurocognitive testing to longitudinally track your improvements. The best part is how customized each modality is to your own brain waves and heart rate variability. Your result is enhanced clarity and resiliency, so it takes less energy to perform, leaving you with more energy in the bank to do what you need to do and be who you really are.

Learn how LA Neurofeedback Center can uniquely give you a healthy advantage as you make peak performance a reality.

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Traditional options for peak performance are working with an elite fitness coach or training center or working alone through trial and error, applying techniques learned from self-improvement books, blogs, and podcasts. You can use supplements, binaural beats, tapping, meditation, affirmations, float tanks, and self-hypnosis amongst other alternative modalities. While these modalities and substances can work, it also can be hard to discern their level of effect and change. Moreover, they are time-consuming and require a high level of commitment from the client. Many require consistent repetition without an end point in sight.

Using LANC’s DNFB and HRV BFB, you not only strengthen your neurocognitive speed and resiliency, but the stimulation it offers to your brain can help the above modalities work faster. While LANC does encourage the use of certain supplements for brain and nervous system health, working with coaches, and self-educating yourself, for tangible, lasting change, we’ve found DNFB and BFB irreplaceable as they drive to the core of what’s holding you back: engrained patterns in your brain and nervous system.

Athletic Peak Performance

"Neurofeedback has done great things for me. Love it! From improving my focus in the ring to calmness during intense training, neurofeedback has given me something “extra”. Big thanks to LANC for making me feel comfortable enough to understand what I needed.”



LANC’s unique Peak Performance Path goes direct to the source: your brain.  Your brain patterns and under-reactive or over-reactive brain waves work hand in hand with draining or unproductive nervous symptom response. Whether it’s performance anxiety, low energy, lack of focus, slow processing time, or poor resiliency and recovery time, these symptoms can be tracked back to a dysregulated nervous system and imbalanced brain waves. Your imbalanced brain wave patterns can be over-consuming energy which may be the reason your mental performance is lagging. These same stuck brain wave patterns can be the reason your physical performance seems disjointed or slow and your energy levels and sleep are subpar.

LANC’s DNFB allows “stuck” or dysfunctional brainwaves, which can be the result of trauma or just ongoing stress, to reset so that your brain can easily handle what is thrown at it. With optimized brainwaves, clients can achieve peak performance and maintain their “edge” whether it’s excelling in their career or perfecting their game on the field. This unique reset occurring at the source (your brain waves and nervous system) sets LANC apart from traditional coaching and talk therapy, affirmations, supplements, and other training modalities. LANC’s method can not only bring quick results, it helps whatever other modalities you are using to work faster.

Sports performance and athletic peak performance can be optimized by reducing the drain and looping patterns happening in your brain and nervous system, caused by chronic stress or trauma.

The initial intake session costs only $89 at our West LA and South Bay offices, and is the first step towards optimizing performance.

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First, you complete a neurocognitive test called CNS Vital Signs. This 30-minute test assesses three types of memory, processing speed, motor speed, reaction time, attention and flexibility. With CNSVS, we test you again at your midpoint and at the conclusion of the protocol. Next comes 6-8 sessions of DNFB.  It is vital to complete 6 sessions within 21 days to set your new foundation. After 8-10 sessions of DNFB, you will have your HeartMath Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Assessment and begin training at home with your Inner Balance BFB device.  HeartMath allows you to in real-time see and adjust your HRV and emotions so you optimize any draining, rote responses and mental patterns.

You will continue your DNFB sessions until you hit 20-25 sessions, slowly spacing them out to lasting endurance at the new baseline. You will have at least 2 more HeartMath exploration and HRV assessments prior to completing the protocol. At the end of the protocol, you have the option of buying or renting a Myndlift NFB headband to continue your neuro training on the road or at home. LANC’s DNFB and BFB can disentrain your brainwaves and nervous system, returning them to their healthiest state.  The Myndlift in-home headband, though not necessary, allows you to train specific brain waves if you want further optimization.


LANC sessions are done in a quiet, relaxing environment that, in themselves, support a reduction in stress and drain.  Clients spend the 20-30 minute session sitting back and relaxing in a comfortable chair.   After the first few sessions, clients can use this time to meditate or listen to music, etc.

LANC’s Direct Neurofeedback usually brings immediate results in the first session, all done holistically.  Most of LANC’s clients report a degree of immediate improvement in the area of concern, usually during or immediately after a session.

Within the first few sessions of LANC’s Direct Neurofeedback, the brain “remembers” how to reset to its resting, calm alert state and begins charting new pathways.

Yes, whether it’s on the field or in the boardroom, LANC’s Direct Neurofeedback and Biofeedback enables stuck dysfunctional neuronal pathways to reset so that you are functioning at optimal level regardless of where your daily activities are taking place.

CDN Meurofeedback Sports Performance

“I thought aging meant my brain stopped working. After my Direct Neurofeedback protocol and HeartMath practice, I feel smarter than in high school when I aced college entrance exams. Also my driving and tennis game improved. Challenges still happen but I feel so much ease navigating and venturing after what I need.”



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