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Myndlift uses “traditional” Neurofeedback to train the brain to perform better. It’s like going to the gym 3 times a week for your brain. Here’s how:

Sensors are placed on the scalp and ears to read brain waves.

Brain waves are translated to performance levels.

Continuous visual/audio feedback rewards the brain to perform better.

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Myndlift and “Traditional” Neurofeedback in Scientific Terms

Electroencephalography (EEG) neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback therapy which measures and records the brain waves. The user receives visual or auditory feedback which help to train the brain to better regulate its activity.

Myndlift’s Effectiveness

Neurofeedback has been used in clinics around the world for decades, and clinical research has shown it to be effective in increasing quality of life for many neurological conditions with lasting results. Myndlift is a form of Neurofeedback you can use at home or on the go. Many research studies have shown it to be as effective as stimulant medications in treating ADD/ADHD. Clients can learn to change their brainwave patterns by playing games and watching videos as part of a training program, usually lasting 30-40 sessions.

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What Neurological Conditions

Myndlift has been found to be beneficial in treating a variety of different brain disorders, including ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and PTSD, autism, and rehabilitation of traumatic brain injuries.

The Safety of Myndlift

Myndlift is a safe, evidence-based activity which can control symptoms with little or no side effects. Neurofeedback and Myndlift are non-invasive techniques which help a person learn how to control, or self-regulate, their brain waves. The headset is simply used to listen to and record the brainwaves, it doesn’t transmit or otherwise change anything in the brain. The headset monitors the electrical activity of the brain. Through the process of playing the games the brain will teach itself to better regulate its activities.

How Do I Get Started With Myndlift

You could buy a headset or do NeuroOptimal at home but you are lacking the effectiveness of training with an experienced clinical supervisor. Consider having resistance bands at home, which you mess around with when you feel up to it, versus having a Trainer planning your workout, motivating you, and making personalized adjustments at each turn. Your clinical provider will create a custom program tailored to your needs which can help your brain regulate itself, simply by playing a game or watching a video in the comfort of your own home.

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Myndlift Is Fun for Kids

Myndlift neurofeedback training requires an EEG headset that is placed on the head. Once connected, you can start playing games that are controlled by your brainwaves. Through playing these games, your brain will learn to better regulate itself.

How Do I Do “Traditional” Neurofeedback in My Home or on the Road?

Your Myndlift training program will be monitored by an experienced neurofeedback professional, giving you the clinical benefits with the comfort of training anywhere, anytime. Myndlift makes it possible to train at home using a convenient, wireless headset and mobile games. Neurofeedback can be done remotely using a wearable device and a mobile app while your clinician monitors your brain activity and progress remotely. If you’re doing your research, you’ve probably heard of NeuroOptimal and Muse. Muse is the actual headset, Myndlift is the app and software that allows you train remotely with close clinical supervision. Download the Myndlift app and schedule a Myndlift session with us to maximize your neurofeedback results.

Myndlift in the home

Want More Visual Information?

To decide if “traditional” Neurofeedback/Myndlift is right for making lasting shifts in your performance and energy levels, watch these videos:


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