Depression Treatment

For you or your loved one seeking depression treatment, depression self help, or natural depression help, the LANC experience can be a time-efficient, painless, enduring solution.

There is a crucial difference between feeling depressed and having Depression.

Feeling depressed over a sad event, such as losing a job or the death of a loved one, is human and temporary.

When a person feels depressed for a long period of time without obvious reasons, that is indicative of Depression.  In other words, the negative thoughts and feelings are not the product of the environment or specific events.

Rather, the physical brain suffers from measurable electrochemical differences, which are the origin of negative thoughts.

In such cases, the “dark” or negative thoughts are the brain’s “go-to” response, which, to the person with Depression, has become to feel like the “normal” or “appropriate” response.

The effects of these negative thoughts can range from periods of profound despair and the inability to pursue even the simplest of activities to chronic, low-level feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction.

Depression at either end of the spectrum can be not just unpleasant but debilitating to the point of being a recognized disability under Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Depression Treatment Plans & Depression Cure

Traditional help for depression may require years of assistance–with mixed efficacy.

Medications can help provide some people relief but may produce severe side effects that negatively affect quality of life.

Moreover, it can take months or even years to find the best medication or combination for an individual. If the decision is made to change or discontinue medication, it can take months to taper off the medication (and quitting “cold-turkey” can be quite risky).

If you are currently taking medication for Anxiety, Depression, or any other emotional or psychological disorder, be sure to tell your LANC practitioner on your first visit. Do not stop taking medication or adjust your dosage without consulting your prescribing physician.

Psychotherapy, with or without medication, can help clients on their journey to “rewire” their brain through conscious effort. However, this process of depression treatment is by necessity slow, with inevitable setbacks and false starts.

Lifestyle changes may also help, but real, long-term lifestyle change requires a level of commitment and action that Depression may make difficult or impossible.

LANC’s direct neurofeedback is a game-changer in natural depression help as results can be felt in a couple weeks, and repeat sessions lead to an enduring clearing of depressive imbalance.


“The Los Angeles Neurofeedback center have some of the most courteous and professional people I've ever encountered. They truly care about you and want to see you living life to the fullest again whether you've been set back by anxiety, depression, or another cause."

– C. Pittard, Los Angeles Patient

ADD Help using Direct Neurofeedback

LANC’s direct neurofeedback can help depression in teens, depression in children, depression disorders, depression with psychosis, and depression coping skills.

Comparing LANC to depression treatment

Direct Neurofeedback uses a very weak micro current to cause a small change in the patterns of brainwaves.  This current is 100 times less than a cell phone held to your head.  The direct neurofeedback micro signal works because it is customized every millisecond to your brainwaves.

For a person with Depression, the brain responds to particular stimuli by automatically generating dark or negative thoughts. Each time this negative response happens, the brain re-affirms the neural grooves making this connection.  Overtime, the repetition of the response becomes effortless and deeply grooved.

Direct neurofeedback addresses this stuck patterning by using an EEG and software to customize a microcurrent signal directly to the client’s brain.

When the brain is stimulated in this way, the resulting feedback loop allows the brain to re-evaluate its current neural pathways, unstick itself from them, and then, choose new, more effective paths.

In the case of depression, this means the brain creates pathways that move away from typical depressive thoughts and feelings towards more positive, active ones, circumventing the effects of the electrochemical imbalance.

Thus, where once the brain would reflexively follow the “dark” pathway, it is now trained to follow a more positive and efficient one. Of course, one can still feel depressed on occasion, but that feeling would be a temporary, human depressed state that arose out of actual events.

One of the biggest advantages of LANC’s direct neurofeedback over other means of depression treatment is that you or your child do not need to do anything but sit back, relax, and allow the machine and NeuroCoach to do their work.

Compared to “traditional” neurofeedback, LANC’s direct neurofeedback does not use screens or require you or your child to come to many long, repetitive sessions, trying to change their own brain waves.

The gentle micro-signal of direct neurofeedback, directly signals the brain to organically reset itself and use the body’s innate wisdom to find the more efficient, positive neural pathways.  You or your loved one can relax and still receive the benefits of neurofeedback in as little as 20-30 minutes.

Furthermore, the direct neurofeedback protocol can be completed as quickly as 6 weeks.  Most clients prefer 3-4 months, at which point LANC recommends returning only for a tune-up.

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dyslexia help using neurofeedback

Experience & Expectations Using Direct Neurofeedback

In cases of “mild” depression or dysthymia, positive results can often be seen as early as the first few sessions. It is not uncommon for a client to experience a feeling of lightness and relaxation in the very first session.

While this effect is temporary, follow-up sessions encourage the brain to develop and access the new pathways it has discovered until they become “permanent.”

As these sessions only last about 30 minutes and are usually done twice a week for the first three weeks, improvement may be seen quite quickly–especially when compared to medication and/or psychotherapy.

Severe depression may require more time but is equally influenceable.

If you are pursuing psychotherapy as well as direct neurofeedback, you may find that you are able to “get out of your own way” and make progress more quickly.  A LANC client describes direct neurofeedback as clearing the path through a dark forest, where as before with only psychotherapy for depression treatment, someone was in the forest with her yet it was still very dark.

In cases of Depression, the early improvement can be difficult for some clients to perceive as they may be used to experiencing inputs through the filter of Depression.

However, improvement does happen quickly and can be recognized when pointed out.

We also enjoy when friends and family notice behavior changes and your NeuroCoach will follow up with you and assist in monitoring your response change to known “triggers”. LANC loves hearing the magic words from our clients: “I feel like me again.”

In all cases, your NeuroCoach will work closely with you throughout the process to track your improvement and adjust your program for the best results.


“The Los Angeles Neurofeedback Center was very helpful for my peace of mind and happiness. They genuinely care and help you above and beyond. Highly recommended!"

– D. Songhorian, Los Angeles Client

Start Depression Help Now

Because of the effectiveness of the technology, LANC offers a special first appointment rate!

In this appointment, your NeuroCoach discusses your condition, addresses your concerns, and performs your first Direct Neurofeedback session.

This initial intake session costs only $89.00 at our West LA office and $149 at our South Bay office, and is the first step towards a happier, more effective you.

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LANC NeuroCoaches hear you.

Whether you have a depression diagnosis or are looking for depression self help, NeuroCoaches customize packages according to you or your loved one’s needs.  With nearly a decade in the field, LANC’s mission remains to provide relief to you and yours who seek treatment for depression.

Now that you know how to get help for depression, schedule today!



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